New Version V3 Ash Gym Badges Kanto Gen 1 Badges Collection box Set of 8pcs 2015 – Pokemon Cosplay


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Lumia: Pokemon Ash Gym Badges Gen 1-6 Badges Collection box Set of 8pcs

Gyms are located throughout various regions in the Pokemon Universe, run by its top member, aGym Leader. P Gyms serve a couple of different purposes, one is to help in the training of a Trainers Pokemon. These members strengthen their Pokemon inside the Gym with the help of the Gym Leader, and will challenge anyone looking to battle the Gym Leader. The second purpose is to test the skills of traveling Trainers looking to enter into the regional League. In order to test their skills, a Gym Leader will engage in a Pokemon battle with the Trainer. Should the challenger win, they will receive a badge which shows that they have defeated that Gym Leader.

These are custom-made gym badges, designed as metal lapel pins to wear on a hat, jacket, backpack, or anywhere you want to show them off. This bundle is for all six generations:

Kanto (Gen 1)

Johto (Gen 2)

Unova (Gen 3)

Hoenn (Gen 4)

Kalos (Gen 5)

Hoenn (Gen 6)

Popular Gift Box 2015,Gold finish borders with butterfly pin .
Material: Alloy Color: Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3, Gen 4, Gen 5, Gen 6 Size: about 2-4cm Quantity: 8pcs per set.
High quality Pokemon Gym badges,Cute and easy to wear.
Awesome badges set for collection, new year gift. Suitbale for all Pokemon fans.
XCOSER is World Top Brand for Cosplay Costumes and Accessories.

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