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you can utilize other type z-move lights, sounds and vibrations on the pokemon z-ring with the pokemon z-crystal 3-pack! pair the z-ring and the z-crystals to the latest video game titles in the pokemon series for nintendo 3ds family systems: pokemon sun and pokemon moon to experience the devastating new z-moves. for an electric-type z-move in the video game, place the electrium z into the z-ring to see the electric-type icon vibrantly appear as the z-crystal lights up! each z-crystal has a different element attack and features its own color, sound and vibration. get all of the z-crystals to experience each type with the game or in role play! POKÉMON Z-RING and additional Z-CRYSTALS sold separately. * Each POKÉMON Z-CRYSTAL 3-PACK are Chosen at random.Each POKÉMON Z-CRYSTAL 3-PACK comes with 3 different Z-CRYSTALS.*
* One of Three Different Z-CRYSTAL Assortments: Normalium, Fightinium and Electrium; Ghostium, Buginium and Darkinium; OR Steelium, Rockium and Poisonium Z-CRYSTAL TYPES
Z-CRYSTALS are linked to specific Z-MOVES in the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Nintento 3DS Game
Each Z-CRYSTAL activates different lights, sounds and vibrations on the POKÉMON Z-RING.
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