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Product Description

This women hoodie is super funny and cute. A must have for every animal lovers.

Design Details
It is a women hoodie with a big pouch just like the Kangaroo. There are also two pom-poms ties and a cute eared hat. The cuffs can cover half palm that your thumb can pass through a small hole.

Funny Time with Your Pet
The women hoodie is not a specialized pet carrier that It would be a better alternative than a plastic pet carrier that she/he stayes in it pretty comfy if she/he is a small one.
-Someone said, my cat loves jumping into the pocket and sitting there while being pet. I am able to take my cat into rooms that are off-limits for him while he is in the pocket because he sits there comfortably purring.
-Someone said, it’s a warm time to stay with my kitten when I am sitting down and play on my computer or reading.
-Someone said, my dog is a little big that I need to hands hold when I am walking.

Original Brand: Jomago
-Package: 1 * women hoodie ( It can also be used as a sweatshirt or outerwear )
-Material: Cotton Blend.
-Condition: Brand New with Tag.
-Season: Fall, Spring, Winter.

Please refer the size according the size chart:
-Small (US 2-4)—25.2″(Length)—33.86″(Bust*2)—24.02″(Sleeve)
-Medium (US 6-8)—25.59″(Length)—37.01″(Bust*2)—25.2″(Sleeve)
-Large (US 10-12)—25.98″(Length)—40.16″(Bust*2)—26.38″(Sleeve)
-X-Large (US 14-16)—26.38″(Length)—43.31″(Bust*2)—27.95″(Sleeve)
-XX-Large (US 18-20)—26.77″(Length)—46.46″(Bust*2)—29.13″(Sleeve)
-XXX-Large (US 20-22)—27.95″(Length)—50″(Bust*2)—29.92″(Sleeve)
-XXXX-Large (US 22-24)—27.95″(Length)—53.54″(Bust*2)—31.1″(Sleeve)

Customer satisfaction is our top goal. If you have any questions or any ideas, please feel free to contact us.🐱FUN PET CARRIER – The large pouch of this women shirt is good for holding a small dog or cat anywhere. It is not only a ideal tool for helping you to carry small pets like chihuahua or kittens around and socialize, but also helping to keep your hands free!
🐱SPECIAL DESIGN – Cat ears on the hoodie; pom-poms balls draw strings; big pocket for pokemon plushies and snacks; front pocket for cell phone and hands; cat paw sleeves with thumb holes
🐱COMFY BOTH YOU AND HE/SHE – This women shirt is soft and lightweight. The big pouch is roomy and sturdy that he/she is happy to lounge in it.
🐱CONVENIENCE WASHING – The women shirt is humanized designed because the inside pocket liner can be removed and washed separately.
🐱PERFECT GIFT – The women hoodie is a little thin that it is very suitable to wear all year round. In winter, it’s a good idea to wear with t-shirt underneath. Great gift for a cat lover and cat who is spoiled and snuggly.

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